Amending a previously submitted 702

Ideally, once filed, a 702 would be complete and not require any changes. In the real world, however, mistakes are quite often found that affect a previously filed 702 and an amended report must be filed.

The first step is to find and correct the error.

You must have your user permissions set to allow backdated changes into a closed off 702 period. If you do not have those permissions, talk to your local vintrace administrator or vintrace support.

As an example:

  1. You file your 702 quarterly
  2. You find that wine was “removed in bond” during the previous quarter when it should have been tax-paid
  3. You reverse the dispatch and re-enter as “removed tax-paid” as of the original operation date.

Re-run the report for the previous quarter; select  “Amended” from the Version drop down. Click the “I plan to submit this 702 to the TTB”.

702- Generate an amended report

Generate the new report. You should see the gallons previously reported as “removed in bond” move to the “removed tax paid” line (either bulk or bottled, as appropriate). Compare this to your saved/printed copy of the obsolete 702.

Ensure that your numbers balance and enter the reason for the amendment in Section X.

Finalize and submit as you normally would.

If you find and must fix errors from 702 periods earlier than the last reporting period, you may need to generate and submit amended 702’s for all the intervening periods as well.

For example, you file monthly and discover an error from 4 months ago (let’s say the error occurred in February and it is now June). You will need to amend February (to reflect the correction and the new ending balance) and may need to amend March through May as well to true up your ending/beginning balances.

We also suggest running a 702 for the current period to ensure that your new ending balances from the amended 702 match up with the beginning balances for the current period.