Reporting Sparkling Wines

As sparkling wine is defined as a special tax class, it is reported differently on the 702 report.

To illustrate where different sparkling operations show up on the 702, we have built the following scenario:

Already-fermented wine brought in bulk, tiraged and disgorged all within one month (not likely in the real world but we want to show all three operations on a single-month 702).

We have received 10000 gal sparkling wine in bulk; tax class is under 14% and the tax class is set as Sparkling wine.

Sparkling - bulk intake as sparkling

Next we perform a tirage operation for 350 bottles produced by fermentation, bottled with a small loss.

Sparkling - tirage operation - 350 bottles

Then we disgorge to move this sparkling wine in vintrace from bulk to bottled. This operation was performed against the tirage group.

Sparkling - disgorgement operation

All three operations show up on the 702 as shown:

Sparkling - Section A - bulk intake and tirage

Sparkling - to packaged after disgorgement