Using the Accounts sync utility

This article assumes that you have already linked Vintrace and Xero and understand the basics of the accounting integration.

The Accounts sync console allows you to manage the synchronisation of your wine production costs with your accounts package.

You can access the Accounts Sync Console by going into Accounts – Accounts Sync…

Important: Users need the “Can view costs” permission to access the Accounts Sync Console.

Click on Preview button to view all the unsynced sales orders, purchase orders, refunds, costs, and journals since your last sync up to the Closing Date indicated.

Accounts sync2

Accounts sync3

For sales orders, purchase orders, and refunds, you can click on the individual links to show the list of all unsynced sales, purchases, and refunds in their respective consoles.

Accounts sync4

In the example below, we have clicked on the link to show all the unsynced sales orders. Clicking on the sales orders link will bring up the Sales Orders console with a list of unsynchronized sales orders that were invoiced after the last sync date up to the closing date.

Accounts sync5

Click on the Sync button to sync all Sales orders.

Accounts sync6

Click on OK button in the confirmation dialog informing you that the sync could take a few minutes.

Accounts sync7

Once the sync is successful, you can see that there are no more sales orders to be synced. You can repeat the process for the purchases and refunds.

Accounts sync8

Under Production Movements and Journals, you will see all the unsynced journals. Clicking on a line item will bring up the Detailed Account Journals Preview for that line item.Accounts sync9

In the Detailed Account Journals Preview, you can see the breakdown of the costs. Clicking on the description of each item will bring up the operation that generated the cost.

Accounts sync10

You can post the journals either as Draft or Posted in the accounts package:

  • Draft: vintrace will create a draft journal in the accounts package and an authorised user will have to approve the journal in the accounts package.
  • Posted: vintrace will post a journal to the accouts package, already approved.

Accounts sync11

To sync all the journals click on Save and Sync button. In the example below, we have selected to post the journals as Draft.

Accounts sync12

The synced journals appear as draft manual journal in Xero.

Accounts sync13