Xero Integration for Client Billing

It is now possible to sync data from your service orders to your preferred accounting package. Below we will show you how to do it with Xero.

To begin, create a charge or use an existing one.

Next head into the service order’s charges tab. Search for the charge you desire to send to the Accounting Package.

Next click the ‘Create’ button. This will create an invoice of all the charges seen in the table. The Invoice is what is sent to the Accounting Package. Click ‘Search’ again to check it now has a link in the ‘Invoice#’ column.

Note: the following confirmation request will appear:

New Invoice confirmation

Now click the ‘Sync’ button. This will send the invoice to the Accounting Package. When it completes, click ‘Search’ again and confirm it has a link under the ‘Ext. Ref’ column.

Clicking the link will take you to your Accounting Package’s matching invoice.

By default charges will have the same tax rate as the default account invoices are charged to within the Accounting Package.

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