Billing for winery work

With client Billing enabled you’ll notice several new fields in the top section of all Winery Operation and Inventory Action windows.

  • Man hours if billing for labour or time use this field to enter the number of hours worked when completing winery work orders
  • Service order use this field to select the Service order that charges should be raised against. This field will be automatically populated if you have a Service order linked to the selected Wine batch
  • Raising charge options
    • If applicable the default option will only present you with the Service charges confirmation screen if applicable linked Items are found based on theĀ  Price List and Item linkages. See the configuration section for more information on how to setup Item links.
    • On save will force the Service charges window to display after saving this operation so that you can record arbitrary charges regardless of whether any are linked or not
    • None allows you to skip adding any charges all together even if you have Items linked and billable for this type of operation

The above charge fields are available under all Winery Operation and all Inventory action windows. See the configuration section for more information on linking service orders to your Wine batches and setting the default service order for your clients.

After saving a winery operation with a charge option that brings up the Service charges window you’ll see the following

This has the Order and Service Date populated for you. You are free to add your own arbitrary Notes. It will carry across any Man hours, Units, Volume or Pallets from the winery operation just saved. These are then used as multipliers depending on your Charge item type.

In the above example we have a flat charge for running an alcohol panel of $7.50

Notice the Discount field; if this item or service is to be discounted; for example, the standard labor charge may be $20, but for this client you’re going to discount the labor charge. Enter $$ only in the discount field (do not use percentages).

Refresh prices will “re-pull” the base price for this line item.

Calculate Total let the system do the math for you to calculate the total charge, including any discount to be applied.

If all charges are acceptable you can simply Save. Or you may adjust the charges, add new ones or put in more detailed notes into the Line note field.

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