Adding storage costs for wines in barrel or tank

Barrel storage costs (barrel depreciation) can be added to bulk wines in barrel by linking your barrels to Cost Items and running the utility under Tools – Costing – Storage costs.

If you have accounting integration configured then you can link the Cost items to specific Accounts in your general ledger. These accounts should represent the asset accounts for the value of your barrels. When the storage costs are applied, and as part of the Accounts Sync process, a journal will be created to capitlise some of the barrel cost to the Bulk Wine Work in Progress asset account.

With the accounting integration configured it’s important to run the Storage cost utility before running your accounts sync as detailed in the recommended end of month procedure.

Configuring barrel storage cost item

First, you will need to have the appropriate Cost items configured under Winery Setup – Costing – Cost items. You should have one of these configured for each different type of barrel or one for at least each different rate of depreciation; i.e., if you depreciate your 2011 French Oak at $1.50 per day and your 2012 American at $1.20 per day, then you would configure two separate cost items.

Note: barrel storage costs can only be depreciated/applied at a per day rate within vintrace.

Barrel dep 1.1

If you don’t have accounting integration turned on, skip the next step and go to setting storage cost on the barrel

Configuring barrel storage cost item with accounting integration turned on

When you have accounting integration turned on, you need to link your cost item to an asset account that represents the barrels in your accounting general ledger. This will be the account used to create a journal of the cost value by crediting this account and debiting your Bulk Wine Work in Progress account.

Please refer to this article on how to setup accounts for accounting integration.

Barrel dep 1

Barrel dep 2

Setting storage cost item on the barrel

Each barrel will then need to be linked to the Cost item under Winery Setup – Vessels – Barrels, then go to the Advanced tab.

Barrel dep 3

To make this easier for a large number of barrels we recommend using the Import/Export utility to update barrel details in bulk.

Setting storage cost item on barrels by bulk

You can set the storage cost item against multiple barrels by using the barrel importer utility in Winery Setup – Vessels – Barrels – Import barrel registry. Please refer to this article for more information on importing data.

Barrel dep 10

Set the Storage Cost Item and Depreciation Start Date in the import file for the barrels you want to set the storage costs against.

Important: You need to set the Depreciation Start Date as the date you want to start the storage costs so you don’t add extra costs to wines with storage costs already factored in.

Barrel dep 11

Contact support if you require assistance with this step.

Generating storage costs

Once you have configured the barrels to have storage costs, you can use the utility under Tools – Costing – Storage costs.

First, set the Effective date to the last date you want storage costs loaded. We suggest running this monthly and backdating this to the end of the previous month.

There is a confirmation message here that you must agree that you have checked and ensured all outstanding work orders for barrel work has been closed off in the system up until the effective date. Please use the Check Job management console link to check the scheduled task work-list across all facilities.

Barrel dep 4

You also have the option to Preview storage costs; we encourage you to use this link before saving the costs to ensure you see what you would expect.

Barrel dep 5

When you are satisfied with the costs, add a reason or note in the text box provided, tick on the I confirm I have checked and understand checkbox, and then click on Save.

Barrel dep 6

This will add the costs to all the wines up to and including effective date.

vintrace has built-in smarts to know that if a wine was only in barrel for 10 days of the month, only 10 days worth of cost should be added to that wine, even if that wine has now been racked to tank or bottled. Unlike other systems you should not need to run this utility daily, although you may take a while becoming comfortable with the process.

Synchronising barrel storage cost items to accounting integration

If you have accounting integration turned on, the storage cost you have generated will create manual journals. We recommend that as your end of month process, you generate the storage costs first, then apportion overhead costs (e.g. electricity, other utilities, etc.)  to your wine via the Cost Allocation Console, and then run the Accounts sync to capitalise cost from the account linked to the stock item through to the Bulk wine in production account.

Barrel dep 7

Clicking on the the entry in the Accounts Link Console – Production Movements and Journals table will bring up the details of the cost movement which shows the barrel storage cost items we have previously generated.

Barrel dep 8

When you save and sync, the manual journals will be posted in Xero.

Barrel dep 9


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