Cost Admin Console

The Cost Admin Console aims to make managing your day-to-day cost operations much easier to track and manage by having a central place for all costs, including wine and inventory related costs. This guide will show you how to use the console to assist with your cost operations.main2

At the top we have the search filter criteria, which can filter the results as you need. In our sample above we have selected the last seven days. After clicking ‘Search’, we can see the results.

Note: The red table entries with the yellow warning symbol above are costs that are restricted, usually from transfers, and it is recommended that you reverse the operation to correct them.


Here we filtered to show only a specific stock item in the results. Note the new Add Ad hoc costs button ( the ‘$’ sign with a green ‘+’ in front), directly adding a cost to the item.

add adhoc

On the table, there are several Options on the right. There is also a Select All/None filter. Selecting All allows you to deal with multiple items, such as viewing a summary for all selected costs, or reversing or adjusting the dates for them.

New filter options

Select all or none and batch operations

To work with individual cost items as displayed, notice the View and down arrow buttons on the right.


Clicking ‘View’ shows the cost impact for the selected Cost.

view costs

Clicking ‘Edit’ will show the Adjust Cost form, allowing you to adjust the costs associated with the operation/item.

Edit Costs

There’s also the option to reverse which will undo the cost entirely. To view reversed costs be sure to check the filters ‘Show reversed’ option.

The last option is the ‘Fix date’ option. It will allow you to change the date the cost is applied. fix date

Also in the table are the blue links to other entities related to the cost. Below we have an operation linked to a cost.

Costing link

The costing link allows you to view the product to which the cost was applied.

Finally, we’ve added some reports that print out the list of costs in the table, along with several handy email options.

Report Options


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