Report Tags:

Below is the list of tags that will be replaced with names/values described.


Tag Description
«${info.jobNumber}» The job number of the task
«${info.operationName!””}» The name of the operation. In this case ‘Analysis Sample’
«${info.statusText}» The status of the task (Incomplete/Completed)
«${(info.templateName)!””}» The name of the Analysis Template being used
«${(info.lab)!””}» The name of the lab where the analysis is being done
«${(info.analysisDetails)!””}» Details of the analysis being done
«${(info.labId)!””}» The Lab id
«${(info.labReference)!””}» The contents of the Lab Reference field
«${(info.sampleInstruction)!””}» The contents of the Sample Instruction field
«${(info.container)!””}» The Vessel/Container name/id
«${(info.container.locationText)!””}» The location on the Vessel/Container
«${(info.batch)!””}» The contents of the Vessel/Container
«${(info.contentsAmount)!””}» The amount of the contents within the Vessel
«${(info.containerCapacity)!””}» The vessels capacity
«${info.taskNotes!””}» Notes for the individual task


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