Mini templates for custom print templates

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.1

In countries outside of USA, a Work Order is referred to as a Cellar Note. In keeping with regional terminology differences, please substitute Work Order for Cellar Note below.

Mini templates are templates that can be inserted into other templates and can be used by multiple templates at the same time. They can be found in Winery Setup – Templates – Default Print Templates. Below is an example of a mini template, the Additions_MiniTemplate.docx which inserts the additions table to a custom template.

Mini template

Each of the mini templates has a tag that you can insert into the custom template when you want to use it.

Using mini templates in custom templates

In order to use the mini template, you have to add the corresponding tag to the custom template document. In the example below, we want to insert the additions mini template and the barrels list/dip measurement mini template into our multi transfer custom template.

You need to add the {{VesselDetails}} tag and {{AdditionsList}} tag to the multi transfer custom template.

Using minitemplate 1

The example below is the generated work order for a multi transfer after adding the tags for the mini templates. There are 2 destination vessels for the transfer; one is a tank and the other is a barrel group. The vessel details mini template inserted for the tank is the dip measurement table while the vessel details inserted for the barrel group is the barrels list. The additions are also listed for each vessel.

Using minitemplate 2

List of mini templates

Below is a list of mini templates available. Please note that some mini templates can only be used on certain types of winery operations. Click on each one for more details and to see the tags available.