Adjust Stock

Inventory stock increases and decreases can be made against one or several stock items at a time.

From the Inventory menu, choose Adjustment or click the Operations button at the bottom of any Stock item overview.

Inventory - adjustment

Note that you may enter your numbers in either the Loss/Gain or the Actual; clicking the Calculator button completes the calculation for you.

Enter a reason for the adjustment; use the Add New [+] button if you need to add a new reason:

Inventory - new adjustment reason

If you wish to maintain the current unit cost, ensure that you check the box.

When you are satisfied, put in a date/time stamp and save.

Note: If you are doing a full physical inventory, you may want to use the Stock Take option that allows you do a count and adjust an entire list at one go. For more information on Stock Take/Count (Physical Inventory Count and Reconciliation), click here.