Correcting a dispatch

Once you have dispatched packaged stock, you may discover that an error was made. Most, if not all, errors may be corrected (including the BOL).

First find your dispatch: File – Search – Dispatch Search.

Locate your dispatch and select it.

Find pakaged dispatch

From the dialog box, select View/edit stock.

Packaged - view-edit stock

Go to the History tab and click the View button on the right.

Packaged stock - history

Click the Correct button.

Packaged stock - correct

Correct the dispatch details. In our example, we chose the wrong warehouse and the wrong number of cases.

Packaged stock - corrected

Before saving, enter the reason for the correction.

The BOL declaration screen will open; if you need to print a new one, you may do so from here.

Revised BOL afer dispatch correction

When you return to the History tab and click the Show reversed check box, you will see 90-case dispatch as having been reversed and replaced with the new dispatch for 85 cases.

Packaged stock - new history