How to enter a stock count (stocktake) for inventory other than bulk wine

In the US, stock count is also referred to as taking physical inventory.

It’s important to understand the basics around the stock count process before attempting to enter a stock count into vintrace.

When a grocery store does a stock count they lock the doors to ensure no customers come in the front door and no suppliers come in the back door while the count is being done. Obviously this is to ensure your count is true and accurate.

Of course a winery may never close, particularly over harvest, which makes taking a stock count more difficult, but not impossible.

That above analogy applies equally to vintrace but the customers and suppliers are represented by:

  • Open dispatch work orders
  • Open receival work orders
  • Open bottling work orders
  • Open addition work orders

Essentially any outstanding work order that impacts inventory will need to be completed in the cellar but not necessarily entered into vintrace before the stock count is physically taken.

To understand what that means let’s look at the recommended steps to achieve an accurate stock count:

  1. Notify all staff of the date of the stock count identifying a timeframe that inventory being counted should not be physically used
  2. On the day of the stock count either (1) ensure all physically completed work orders are completed in vintrace before the stock count or (2) put all physically completed work orders to one side to be entered after the stock count is physically taken but before the numbers are entered into vintrace
  3. Take your physical inventory
  4. Depending on which option you chose in step 2 will dictate whether or not you enter your stock count numbers into vintrace first or you complete your outstanding work orders

Work orders that have been written but not physically completed in the cellar should be put to one side until after the above process is completed.

How to print a stock count sheet in vintrace

This is done via the Inventory menu and then Search.

Locate the inventory stock you wish to count by entering the search criteria and clicking SearchOnce you have that stock in view select Reports and then Stocktake (Enhanced).

You can print this as a stock count work order for your staff to complete.

How to enter stock count adjustments

To enter your adjustments follow the same steps as above to get back to Inventory – Search. Run the same search criteria to again list the stock. This time you’ll need to click on the Enter stocktake button.

Tip: you can use the Save search as option to remember searches in between creating your stock count sheet and then having to re-enter it. This way you don’t have to remember the exact criteria before and after printing the sheet.

The adjustment window gives you the ability to enter the physical count amounts into the Actual field. Just tab through these entering each one or use the Red cross on the right to remove a line you do not want to adjust.

The default adjustment reason will be set to STOCKTAKE but you can override this if you wish; US clients may want to add “Inventory Adjustment” as a reason. Saving this screen will update the stock levels as of the date selected at the top.