Move Stock

The Move Operation allows you to transfer inventory items from one storage area/warehouse to another. US customers can use this function to move bonded items to tax paid storage areas.

From the Inventory menu, choose Move or click the Operations button at the bottom of any Stock item overview.

Inventory - move stock

Enter the quantity to be moved.

Click the Routing button (forklift) next to Route from. If all of this stock item is stored in one location, the full amount will auto-populate. If it is stored in multiple locations, you will be asked to choose from which location you are moving. If you need to move from multiple locations to a single new location, click the Add line button.

Click the Routing button next to Route to.

Inventory - Route stock to - before

Choose your new location from the Storage Area by clicking the Search button.

If there is only one lot, use the Search button; that will automatically fill in existing Lot. If you need to create a new lot, use the Add New [+] button.

When you are satisfied, click the OK button.