Updating costs (bottling and dry goods)

Whether you’ve discovered a data entry error, either for cost or quantity, or you receive a revision, such as a credit memo, you can easily update the costs for dry goods or packaged goods.

If you have created (raised) a purchase order, especially for dry goods you can update/change costs on received items by editing the Purchase order. Click here to learn how to do the correction at the PO level.

If, however, you didn’t use a purchase order, you may correct unit costs, and/or quantity by correcting the stock receival.

Do a quick search or inventory search for your stock item and go to the History tab.

The history initially displayed is for the previous 3 months. You may adjust the time period by deleting/changing the start date, end date, or removing them both (this will give you the full history).

Locate your “Receive” event.

Correcting a stock receip cost

Click the View button to open the “Receive” operation and then the Correct button to make changes.

Correcting a stock receip cost2

Provide the reason for the correction and save.

For more information on costing, click here.