Refunds and returns

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.4.1

You can now process a refund and return of stock from within Vintrace.

Accessing refunds console

To access the Refunds console go to Accounts – Refunds..

Refunds console

Alternatively, you can go to Winery Setup – Sales – Refunds.

Refunds console 2

This will bring up the Refunds screen.

Refunds console 3

On the top part you have options to filter the list of refunds such as Refund#, date range of the refund, Customer, Winery (multi winery mode only), SO#, Status, and Sync status.

Refunds console 4

On each of the refund line item you have the option to either print or email the refund by clicking on Options button.

Refunds console 5

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Creating a refund

Important: To create a refund for a sales order, the sales order must be in Approved status.

Go to Accounts – Sales orders… and select the approved sales order which you want to create a refund from. Click on Options button then click on Refund/return.

Create refund 2

Alternatively, you can create a refund by going to Accounts – Refunds… then click on New refunds… button.

Create refund 2.1

Enter the Sales order #, click on Search then click on the sales order in the results table.

Create refund 3

This will populate the values from your sales order to your refund.

Create refund 5

  1. Refund/return for – Party to be paid for the refund. This is taken from the Invoice to field of your sales order.
  2. Account summary link – will take you to the Account summary screen of the party to be refunded.
  3. Refund# – the name of the refund, it will show [Auto Code] if you have setup an auto code policy for your refund otherwise, you can enter manually the refund name.
  4. Reference – will show the sales order number by default, you have the option to override the reference field.
  5. Return all – clicking on this button will assume that you want to do a full refund and return the stock to inventory, so it will auto populate the Qty to be returned fields with the full quantity and tick the Stock physically returned to checkbox.
  6. Reset – will reset all the values you have entered in the refund table and untick the Stock physically returned to checkbox.
  7. Status – shows the status of the refund, either Awaiting approval or Approved. By default the status will be Awaiting approval when you create the refund.
  8. Tax policy – shows the tax policy of the sales order from which you created your refund.
  9. Unit price – unit price of the refund. This is the unit price from the sales order less discount (if sales order has discount).
  10. Available qty to be returned – how much available quantity left to be returned. This is the sales order quantity less any refund quantity (if sales order had previous refunds).
  11. Qty to be returned – how much quantity you want to return.
  12. New total – this is the total value of the refund line item including the taxes.
  13. Stock physically returned to – tick this checkbox if you want to return the stock items to inventory and automatically performs a stock receival operation when the refund is created.
  14. Storage area – storage area where the stock will be returned.
  15. Subtotal, Taxes, Total credit – breakdown of the total credit for the refund.
  16. Save and print – saves the refund and prints the credit note.
  17. Sync to Xero (shows if accounting integration is enabled) – ticking this checkbox will sync your refund and create a credit note in Xero.
  18. Save as – Saves the refund. You have the option to save your refund as Awaiting approval or Approved status. You can not edit your refund if it is in Approved status.

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Editing a refund

Go to Accounts – Refund… or Winery Setup – Sales – Refund and select the refund you want to edit.

Edit refund 1

This will bring up the [UPDATE] Refund/Return screen. You can update your refund if it is still in Awaiting approval status.

If you have returned stock on initially creating a refund and you want to update the Qty to be returned values, you have to manually edit the stock receival operation done against the refund.

Edit refund 2

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Syncing refunds to Xero

This section is only applicable if you have accounting integration turned on. Please click here for more information on accounting integration.

You can sync refunds to Xero by clicking on Sync to Xero checkbox when you sync the refund then clicking on Save as – Awaiting approval/approved.

Sync refund 1

When you save a refund as Awaiting approval, it will create a draft credit note in Xero. To view the linked credit note, open the synced refund and click on View in accounts link.

Sync refund 2

This will open the credit note in Xero.

Sync refund 3

At this point, since the credit note is still Awaiting approval, the “Sales account” in Xero is not yet debited with the refund amount.

Sync 4

Once you save the refund as Approved in vintrace and click on Sync to Xero checkbox, this will trigger the credit note in Xero to be also approved.

Sync refund 5

The credit note in Xero will be approved and the “Sales account” will be debited with the refund amount.

Sync refund 6

Sync refund 7