Sales order reporting

You can access the detailed reports for Sales under Winery Reports – Sales.

Sales report 1

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary report summarizes the sales amount, taxes, cost, and profit of all your sales items and you can group them by Customer, Customer/Item, Each Sales, Item, Sales Region, Sub AVA (Region), Variety, or Variety/Sub AVA (Region).

Sales report 2

Sales report 3

Sales Report

The Sales Report is a report that summarizes the sales orders.

Sales report 4

There are two versions of the report. A report that details the sales orders, the buyers, dates invoiced and type of sale and its current status and totals.

Sales report 5

The other report details each item within each sales order, their names, quantities and totals. You need to tick on Detailed checkbox in the Sales Order report strip to generate this report.

Sales report 6

Sales report 7

Sales Tax Report

This report details each type of tax charged per sales order and totals them. This only shows all Approved sales orders.

Sales report 8

Sales report 9

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