Harvest calendar filters and highlight options

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.1

The Harvest calendar is only available for vintrace Professional package.

On the left hand side of the harvest calendar, you will see options to filter the fruit bookings by winery (when in multi winery mode) and scales/bin and to highlight bookings according to some of the booking properties such as varietal, region (sub AVA), wine colour, grower, vineyard, and block.

Filter options

Filtering bookings by scales/bin will only show bookings belonging to the that scales/bin. In the following example, we have filtered the harvest calendar to only show bookings for scale “Weighscales”.

Filter by scales

Selecting highlight options will highlight the bookings that match the criteria selected. In the example below, we want to highlight bookings that have the varietal “Chardonnay” and block is “B2 – CH”.

Highlight options