Accessing key reports

You can get access to the Winery Reports console from the Consoles menu or via the icon on the Quick Launch Bar.

New Reports icon


There are a number of report categories on the left to choose from with sub reports contained within each category.

  • Loss – reports to show bulk production loss in Excel and a variety of charts
  • Product analysis – reports to show bulk analysis over time as well as exports to Excel and PDF formats
  • Product history – reports to show the history of production for bulk products including operations, additions and vessel exposure (time in barrel)
  • Samples – fruit maturation data in Excel, PDF or chart formats
  • Fermentation – fermentation data in Excel, PDF or chart based formats
  • Label integrity – label integrity statement for the composition of a final blend
  • Government reports – auditor or government specific reports such as the TTB report for wine premises operations (USA)
  • Equipment – reports related to tank and other equipment usage
  • Task completion – reports on the efficiency of work order completion in your facility
  • Weather trends – chart weather trends and correlate them to other analysis if you have weather station feeds enabled
  • Management (bulk wine) – reports relating to bulk products such as the Stock report that allows you to see stock on hand at any date
  • Inventory – reports relating to stock levels and movements for finished goods and dry-good Stock items
  • Vintage/Harvest – crush and extraction reports and reports related to the arrival of fruit at your facility
  • Operations – summary reports for bulk product operations performed at your facility.
  • System audit – a log of all user based activity throughout your vintrace database
  • Client billing – reports related to contracts you have with your customers for contract production. Only available if you have the Client billing module enabled.
  • Sales – Show sales summary information and tax reports such as accounting for WET and GST (in Australia and New Zealand)

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