Bottled wine and dry-goods detail

This section is relevant if your Subscription includes the Bottling, Inventory and Warehousing module.

The Stock Item Overview provides important information about the stock including its configuration, lots, stock levels, cost information and history. Click Search – Stock overview to open the Overview. You can also access the Stock Item Overview by using the QuickSearch to locate a particular stock code.


The menu options on the bottom of Stock Item Overview include:

  • New – create new work orders, sales orders and purchase orders
  • Operations – adjust stock levels, receive more stock or break this stock item into its raw components using Disassemble
  • Actions –  edit this stock item, add costs and analysis for this item (if created from a bulk product)
  • Reports – quickly access a wide range of inventory specific reports and labels

Each tab shows important information about the stock item:

Stock Item – this tab shows important configuration information including the Stock code, Category, Tax class and Bill of Materials. A chart depicting the level for this stock item over time is displayed.


Lots – a list of all unique lots related to this Stock item if you have Lot/batch tracking enabled for this item. Selecting the lot on this tab will then show you information specific to the selected lot on subsequent tabs.

Certifications are used to track export market certifications for your lots. Click the Add button to define a new Lot code and associate any Certifications.2015-08-11_14-40-59

Distribution – the locations and stock levels for this Stock Item2015-08-11_14-43-22

History – the operation history for this Stock Item including quantity adjusted, the work order (TWL#) and a running balance. Providing you have the permission to do so you can Reverse/Rollback historical operations. You can also edit the date. Use the drop down menu next to the View button to select from these options.

Note: the system, by default, displays the last 3 months; you may expand the date ranges or remove them altogether (for the full history since you first inventory action).


Running cost – shows the current cost breakdown for this Stock Item. Manually adjust the cost using Add costs option under the Actions menu.  Export the costing information to PDF using the Costing report option under the Reports menu. Cost events show each cost change to the product including a running balance and the ability to View the operation that made the change.2015-08-11_14-45-18

Again, the cost event history defaults to the last 3 months; change or remove the “show after” date, then click Update to display a more/all costing events. This can be very important if you are trying to track down costing issues.

Components – shows all the raw components all the way down the Bill of Material hierarchy for this Stock Item. For finished goods you can directly access the Product Overview to show the bulk information by clicking the link for the bulk product (look for the item that ends in “/BLK”). The Assembled components table shows all items that have been built, including this item, in its Bill of Materials.2015-08-11_14-49-08

Tasks – a summary of outstanding scheduled work orders related to this Stock Item including the work order number (TWL#) and any stock levels committed (reserved) as part of that work order.2015-08-11_14-51-28

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