Job calendar

This feature was added in vintrace Version 6.1.1

The job calendar allows you to see all your fruit bookings, work orders, inventory notes, production jobs, and general tasks for a particular month/week/day in a calendar view.

We’ve organised this guide with links to the primary topics. We recommend going through each topic one-by-one but you can easily skip to the section that most interests you.

Table of Contents


Accessing the job calendar

You can access the job calendar by clicking on the calendar icon job-cal-24x24 in the Quick Launch bar.

Quick Launch bar

Alternatively, you can go into the Consoles menu and click on Job Calendar.

Console - job calendar

Another way to access the job calendar is from the New Work order (New Cellar Note) or Edit Work order (Edit Cellar note) screen. Click on the calendar icon job-cal-24x24 beside Schedule work for field.

Job calendar from work order screen