Keyboard Shortcuts

vintrace has a number of keyboard shortcuts designed to get you into common areas of the system very quickly. Here is a current list and if you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to add it to our Features Request forum.

Tip for Mac users: The ALT key is the Option key on a Mac keyboard.

Shortcut key Function
ESC Closes current window
Alt+Enter Will OK a confirmation dialog or try to save an operation, action or edit window
Alt+1 Open the Product search
Alt+2 Open the Barrel search
Alt+3 Open the Tank search
Alt+4 Open the Barrel Group search
Alt+5 Open the Dispatch search
Alt+6 Open the Inventory search (if inventory module licensed)
Alt+F1 New work order / cellar note
Alt+F2 New inventory work order
Alt+F7 Winery setup
Alt+F8 Dip calculator
Alt+F9 Address book
Alt+F10 Tank map
Alt+F11 Job management
Alt+F12 Lab console
Alt+W Switch winery (if multi-winery enabled)
Alt+Q Focus QuickSearch on Main Desktop
Alt+X Focus Barcode on Main Desktop
Alt+N New booking when in Fruit Intake console

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