The Main Menu

The Main Menu gives you access to all the functional areas of vintrace from the one convenient location. The modules you have purchased, your subscription level and your permissions will dictate what options will be available to you.

New Main Menu

  • File – product and vessel searches, new work order and batch/lot creation
  • Search – this is a new, dedicated search menu
  • Consoles – consoles in vintrace are work-list based views of information giving you complete control over harvest, outstanding work orders, lab work and fermentation, for example.
  • Operations – the individual jobs or tasks you can perform on your bulk product throughout vintrace.
  • Tools – administrative functions, month-end functions and access to the setup and address book
  • Inventory – access to the inventory search and actions that can be performed to your finished (packaged) products and dry-goods
  • Accounts – sales and purchase orders, COGS management and G/L integration functions
  • Help – access to the Quick Start Tour, the online knowledge base, and version information

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