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  • Adjust screen: Users running vintrace on small screens with resolutions less than 1024 x 768 can use the adjust screen to fix the screen size and scroll up and down.
  • Online help: Access the vintrace online help screens
  • What’s new!: See a list of the most recent vintrace improvements
  • Quick start tour: Take a short tour of the vintrace desktop features and functions
  • Suggest a Feature: Directs you to our Features Request forum. You may add requests of your own that you feel would benefit the vintrace community at large as well as vote for existing suggestions for possible inclusion in future releases.
  • About my license: shows a summary of your current subscription, including all your modules and the count for system user, AP02s, Owner Logins and Multi-wineries.
  • About: Show the vintrace version and build number you are using.

2 thoughts on “Help menu

  1. Hi
    I am having problems with the screen size in the job management window while using vintrace on my iPad. The screen is too big and I am unable to complete or make work orders ready (bottom left).

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