Inventory menu

Manage packaged goods and dry-goods inventory from this menu.

  • Adjustment: Inventory stock increases and decreases can be made against one or many stock items.
  • Disassemble: Stock items that have been manufactured from base stock items can be broken down. For example, a 12-pack case item with 12 single bottles setup in the Bill of Materials (BoM) can be broken down to the 12 individual bottles (requires a single x 1 stock item to “receive the broken case into single bottles).
  • Dispatch: Enter dispatch details for stock items leaving the winery/warehouse.
  • Manufacture: Manufacture complex stock items from base stock items. For example shiners/cleanskins can be manufactured up to labelled stock as orders come in.
  • Move: Move inventory items from one storage area/warehouse to another. US customers can use this function to move bonded items to tax paid storage areas.
  • Receive: Bring in new stock to the winery/warehouse.
  • New item: Setup new stock items ahead of receiving them into inventory.
  • New Sales Order: Setup new Sales Order
  • New Purchase Order: Setup new Purchase Order
  • Search: Access the inventory search screen to perform searches on current stock levels.

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