Barcode Scanner


If you have a USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner connected to your workstation you can scan vintrace barcodes to take you directly to the relevant screen for the barcode. Barcodes that can be scanned from this point include Scale bookings, Work orders and Lab Labels.

Note this is not designed to work with the Barrel Barcode Scanning ModuleMore details on this module.

To enter barcode scanning mode click on the barcode image at the top of the desktop.

When the cursor in the entry field is blinking you can scan the barcode with your scanner.


Hint: if you don’t have a barcode reader you can type in the barcode value. All vintrace barcodes have their value printed below them. For example the first cellar note (work order) you produce will have the value TWL1 under it. If you type TWL1 and hit enter in the SCAN NOW field vintrace will behave the same as it would if you scanned the barcode and will take you directly to the work order/cellar note. This will also work for sample labels generated from the Sampling console.

All lab requests in the Lab Console have an “AT” number associated with it (and printed on the label); entering the “AT” number into the SCAN NOW field will take you directly to the lab request (regardless of its status).

Lab label with AT

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