Opening vintrace in multiple windows

New window 22

Located in the lower left corner of your vintrace main screen, clicking the new window New windowbutton allows you to open multiple screens at the same time.

Depending on our browser, your multiple windows will appear as separate tabs:

New - multi windows

This allows the user to lookup or create new items that aren’t accessible in the “primary” vintrace window. Examples of common reasons: the ability to create a new tank in one screen and then use it immediately to complete an operation in the primary window; look up the last alcohol reading to establish an alcohol level for the bulk wine portion of a new packaged goods stock code; use the Declare wine console to declare a wine while in the midst of trying to package it in the primary window.

NOTE: there are two caveats in using multiple windows.

  1. Ensure you don’t try to open the same record in a second window – you will find that the record is locked, with your login shown as the user.
  2. Having too many vintrace windows open at the same time by too many users can impede vintrace performance for your entire winery. When done with a window, we suggest you close it.