Bulk product in detail: The Product Overview

The Product Overview is the most the commonly viewed screen in vintrace. This is where you can quickly view the current state, compositions, recent analyses and the history of your bulk products.

Using the search options on the left you can quickly locate bulk products by common search criteria such as Owner, Vintage, Variety etc.

Tip: To find historic products (those that have been dispatched or bottled), expand the Advanced search panel and select the Inactive checkbox option before searching.


Select a product from the table of search results to view more information.

Information about the bulk product is categorized under a series of tabs and shows information related to both the specific tank and product batch.


There are options in the top right to return to the search results or refresh the current view.


The Status Icon of the product and it’s Product category are shown to the left of Batch code for reference. Mouse over these options for more information.



The General tab is broken into two main sections. Product and Batch.

The Product section relates to this product in vessel and shows description, volume and owner etc. Full composition information is available on the right and you can change the currently selected chart from the drop down. Use the pencil icon to make alterations.

The Batch section shows common information for the overall batch of product. For example one product may be contained in several tanks and many barrels so it’s useful to see common information shared between those products at the Batch level.

You can quickly see a list of all specific products in the batch in the Products in this batch table. A vessel breakdown shows the distribution between tanks and barrels as well as a total volume contained in the batch. Use the pencil icon to make alterations.



This view shows the latest lab analyses for the bulk product. If you click on the Chart link, you will be able to see a line graph depicting the results for that metric over time.


Adds (Additions)

This shows you the latest additions information. It includes a summary of all additions over time thorughout the entire blend history of this product. You can summarize it by additive or additive and chemical lot. 


The composition information for the product is broken down by Vintage, Varietal, Region / Sub-AVA (US) and Geographical Indicator (GI) / Appellation (US). You can change the composition view by selecting an option from the Derived Composition drop down. 2015-08-11_11-42-25

Select Generate Excel which will generate an Excel spreadsheet that includes all of the selected composition. This document is divided into 6 different tabs: Product Info, Vintage, Varietal, Sub AVA (Region), Appellation (Geographical Indicator – GI) and Composition.


In this section. you will be able to see the bulk wine intake / fruit intake operations that this product came from as well as a relative breakdown of the two. 2015-08-11_11-44-24


See detailed cost information including a running cost for the entire batch, product in vessel and amount per gallon or litre. View the entire costing history and see a running balance of cost changes. The View option provides quick access to see more detail on a particular operation that impacted the cost.

Tip: mouse over items flagged with an * in order to see high precision decimal places.



This tab shows bulk dispatches, bottling and also related stock items. Quickly see current stock on hand for inventory items that have been created from this bulk product.



On this tab see outstanding tasks scheduled against this Product. Click the Complete button to complete the job directly from this window.



In this section, you can see the entire operation history for this wine. You can filter the operations by operation type. By clicking on the View link, you will be able to see that operation in detail.

You may want to see any reversed operations; use the Show Reversed tickbox. Use the Show full history tickbox to reveal any operation with a relevancy rating of 5% or less.

Show full history

The Last Blend section shows links to the last blended components that make up this product.


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