Configuring your Classic Tank Map

New Tank Map icon

Configuring the Tank Map

The vintrace Tank Map is a visual tool that gives you the ability to map vessels in your winery from a birds eye view. You can then see a detailed status of those tanks and record operations directly to those tanks.

A short demonstration video


Manual steps

To configure your map click the Tank Map icon from the Quick Launch Menu

New Tank Map screen

Click the Edit map button to access the configuration screen. 2015-03-17_15-31-28

In the Plant and Vessel Overview:

  1. Select the Winery Building you wish to modify in the tree
  2. Check the Map mode option and ensure Add is selected
  3. Expand the tank folder, click the tank you want to place on the left and then click on a tile on the right to place the tank. Repeat this process for each tank you wish to map.
  4. To remove a tank from the map change the mode to Remove at the bottom
  5. Close the Plant and Vessel Overview and your Tank Map will be updated

Tip: If you are moving one tank from one Winery Building to another (if it was initially configured incorrectly) then check the Update Building Details option.

Using the tank map

Each tank is represented as a tile.


It displays the status icon for the wine and tank as well as the tank code, any outstanding work orders, current free space and current volume held.

Using the blue icon next to the Tank code you can get access to record winery operations such as Analysis and Additions directly from the Tank Map.

You have several options at the top of the Tank Map.

  • Winery building change this option to select the location you wish to view. Tip: use the heart icon to remember your selection for next time
  • Edit Map: configure your Tank Map as detailed above
  • Scheduled: change the schedule date (or clear the date using the red X) to highlight tanks in red with outstanding work orders for that date
  • Show: highlight tanks in blue from one of your Saved searches
  • New search: create a new Saved Search
  • New cellar note/work order: create a new note to assign work to your staff
  • Key: this option provides a legend of the various wine state icons

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