Managing your subscription and licences

You can now view your subscription licence details from within the system and request additional system users and modules to be enabled. This request will first be reviewed by our sales and accounts teams to ensure any additional charges are acceptable to you.

Important licencing change

As of Version 5 our user licencing model has changed. All user licencing will be per named user. What this means is that for each user login account (each person that requires access to vintrace) you will require a unique user licence.

This applies to new user licence requests only and customers with existing user counts that may exceed their initial licence count will not be charged for those retrospectively. Only new user licences requested after 1st August 2015 will be impacted.

In order to see your subscription details use Help – About my licence2015-08-13_10-39-38

If you require additional licences, select the option to Request changes to your subscriptions.


Nominate the number of additional licences or modules being requested, add any additional comments before confirming your contact details and clicking OK. This will send our sales and accounts team a direct message and they will come back to you.

If you attempt to add a new user via the Address book you may be notified that your licence count has been reached. You will be provided the option to request additional licences or you can deactivate any user account you no longer require.


You are able to nominate a power user within your system that has the ability to manage system users including those linked to client login (owner) accounts. This person will require the Local vintrace Administrator privilege to be added to their account under the Address Book. Please contact support to nominate this user if it hasn’t already been configured for you.2015-08-12_13-51-36

Please note: If you have deactivated a System User, Owner Login or AP02 account, you may be able to use this “freed up” license to add a new System User, Owner Login or AP02 account without incurring any additional charges. The exception to this is if you had requested, at the time of deactivation, to have the license charges removed; you will need to start from scratch by requesting a modification to your license.

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