Using vintrace across multiple winery facilities

The one vintrace database can be used across multiple winery facilities. If you need this mode enabled in vintrace then please contact to discuss.

Within the multi winery version of vintrace you can keep users locked into the winery where they do all their work or you can allow them to freely switch between facilities.

When a user is viewing a particular winery they will only be able to see and work with wines within that location.

Setting the default winery for users

Upon logging in, if your user account is linked to a particular winery you will see this displayed in the user information widget on the vintrace desktop.

Switch Winery2

To set the default winery against a particular user you will need to find and select them from the Address Book.

New Address Book icon

Click the Manage System Users button to access a list of all your system users. New Manage Sys Users

Once found and selected, click on the person’s entry; when the Update screen opens, select the default winery from the drop-down list (additional wineries must have been set up previously in Winery Setup – Infrastructure – Winery).

Setting default winery

You can select the Default winery for a user here before saving the changes.

Switching between wineries

Providing you have the permission to switch between wineries you can use the Tools – Switch wineries feature.

Select the winery you want to move to and click OK. Your view will now be confined to that location.

Some power users such as managers and accountants may prefer to view the entire enterprise without having to switch between facilities and this is possible by ensuring they do not have a default winery set.

Moving wine between wineries

Option 1 – Use the in-transit work-flow to move wine between wineries. This is documented here.

Option 2 – This option allows you to simply move wine by making a transfer to the other facility directly and without using the recommended in-transit work-flow. To enable this option please contact the Support Desk at

New filters for searches

With multi winery enabled you’ll notice several new filters to search by winery. You can see this on the QuickSearch on the main desktop.


A note on permissions

Using the multi-winery option requires a particular user permission. If you can’t switch wineries, your permissions may need to be changed by logging a ticket with the vintrace Support Desk; you can email us at or log a ticket here.

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