Custom codeable field added to batch (lot) auto-code policy

This feature was added in VINX2 Version 5.1.3

This feature allows you to include a custom codeable field in your wine batch (lot) code. This gives you the flexibility to setup a list of code options that are unique to your winery. This new field is then available for selection when you use an Auto-Code Policy to create a wine batch.

For more detailed information on how to add or change Auto-Code policies, please refer to this link.

For example let’s assume your wine batch (lot) codes are of the format:


15 represents the vintage year, YV represents the region (appellation), SHZ the variety and CCA is a defined code we want included (or custom codeable field). 01 is just a unique number identifier that is a requirement for all Auto-Codes.

How to Setup Custom Code for Wine Batch

Step 1. Create a Custom Code for your winery.
Navigate to Winery Setup – Setup Options – Work-flow – Custom Codes and click on New Custom Code button.

New Custom Code Console

In the Custom Code [Create] dialog, input a Name and Code that suits your winery. This example uses the custom code name ‘Custom Code A’ and code ‘CCA’.

Custom Code Setup

2. Create an Auto-Code policy for the wine batch (lot)
If you already have an existing Auto-Code policy for wine batch (lot), you have the option to update that policy to include the Custom Code as one of the Code Elements.

Navigate to Winery Setup – Setup Options – Work-flow – Auto-Code and click on New Auto-Code Policy button. Choose an Auto-Code Policy Name that suits your winery, and then select the following options:
Auto-Code Policy Type: Batch
Code Elements Type: ATTRIBUTE
Code Elements Value: CustomCode

Then click on Add button.

auto code policy batch

You can also add other Code Elements, and in this example I have added VintageYY and an incrementing number to the Auto-Code Policy.

Auto-Code Policy

Then click on Save button.

Step 3. Select the Auto-Code policy created as the default policy for wine batch in Winery Setup.
Navigate to Winery Setup – Setup Options – Work-flow – Defaults and go to System tab. In the Wine Batch Policy dropdown menu, select the policy created in step 2.

Make sure that Use Simple Batch Codes is set to No in the Defaults.

Winery Setup Defaults

You can now select the Custom Code you have setup when you create a new wine batch.

Create Wine Batch


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