Configure beverage type for bulk products

This feature was added in Vintrace version 7.2.1

Users that use fruit or materials other than grapes can now create their own beverage type in Vintrace. There are 11 default types available.

New defaults

To create a new beverage type you need to create a base material for your beverage type. The base material is the main material used when producing the new beverage type such as grape, apple, honey, etc.

  1. Go to Winery Setup > Production > Base Materials and click New Base Materials.

    New bev type 1

  2. In the Name field on the Base material screen, enter a name for your base material.

    New bev type 2

    You can also enter the fruit name, pulp name, unfermented name, and fermented name for your base material. Depending on the state that your wine is in, Vintrace will show the first letter of the name in the icon for the product. For example, if you have a beverage type where the base material is Pineapple and it is fermented, the product icon will show for Pineapple.

  3. Click Save.

Now that you have created a base material you can create the new beverage type.

  1. Select Winery Setup > Production > Type and click New Type.
  2. In the Name field, enter the name of your beverage type.
  3. In the Base material field, select the base material you created in the above procedure.New bev type 3
  4. (optional) In the Color field, select a colour for the the icon of your new beverage type.New bev type 4

You can also create a varietal that will have your new beverage type.

  1. Select Winery Setup > Production > Varietal and click New Varietals.
  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the varietal.
  3. In the Default type field, select your new beverage type.

New bev type 5

You can now use the new type and varietal for bulk wine intake and other winery operations.

New bev type 6 New bev type 7

When you view the product in the Product Overview, the icon for Pineapple type has the colour that you previously selected and the letter which is the first letter the Pineapple Wine which is the fermented name of your your base material.

New bev type 8



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