How do I move wine between two of our wineries?


If you have a multi-winery database and need to move wine between facilities, the best way would be to setup an “In transit” location that has several “Tanker” virtual tanks configured.

You can then write a transfer work order using a custom “Bulk Dispatch” Product Treatment and can also print a Bill of Lading (BOL) in order to hand to the truck driver/carrier.

The benefit of this approach is that you have visibility over your wines in-transit via the Tank map if you have configured it for you “In transit” location.


As a first step you may want to ensure you are not logged in to a particular winery. Use Tools -> Switch winery and then select the [Reset…] option before clicking OK. This will ensure your view is not filtered by a particular winery. Once you’ve finished the setup steps below switch back to your original facility.

Setup an In-Transit location and several Tanker virtual tanks

Setup a new location for each Winery under Winery Setup -> Infrastructure -> Winery building. Assuming we have Winery A and Winery B setup within VINx2 we would need a separate in-transit location for each. A recommended naming convention would be Winery A – In Transit:

Ensure that you add the Building type of Tank farm for each of these locations and that the appropriate winery is configured.

Next establish your Tanker tanks. You can call these what you like but if you commonly reuse the same tanker trucks you may wish to number them as the actual tankers you are using. Setup new tanks under Winery Setup -> Vessels -> Tanks -> New tank

Ensure that you link this new tank to the appropriate In transit location. Setup as many tanker tanks as you need and do the same for any other facilities.

Setup a Dispatch Product Treatment

As you will be using the transfer functions to record a dispatch between facilities we strongly advise configuring a custom Product Treatment that indicates that the Transfer is a Bulk dispatch and has provision to capture additional information such as truck, driver, compartment and seal number information.

To setup this treatment go to Winery Setup -> Treatments -> Treatment (Product) -> New Treatment (Product)

In the above example we’ve called this a Dispatch – INTER WINERY and also created a new Product State called “In transit” to make searching for these wines based on state easier. We have also configured some addition information to be captured on the work order by entering some textual information in the Technical/Procedure field. You should only require one Product Treatment to be used across the two wineries.

Configure a new Cellar note indicator

We also strongly recommend that you configure a new Cellar note indicator to appear on your work orders for the inter winery dispatches. You can set this up under Winery Setup -> General -> System policy -> Cellar note indicators. In the example below we have a new one called DISPATCH (INTER)

Configure your tank map for the new locations

Follow the instructions here for configuring your tank map.

Writing a work order for the inter winery dispatch

You can now use one of the transfer operations for the bulk wine you wish to dispatch. In this case we’re writing a work order using the Transfer/Rack/Blend operation under Operations -> Transfers

Note that we have our new treatment selected and the tanker tank selected on the To side. On the cellar note writer we select the new Cellar note indicate that we’ve called “DISPATCH (INTER)”

Saving this note gives you a work order that looks like:

Printing a Bill of Lading

You may still print a Bill of Lading for this wine even though it’s not being dispatched using the traditional Bulk dispatch function. Locate the wine using the Quicksearch and use Actions -> Print Bill of Lading to prepare this document before the wine is dispatched.

Receival of the bulk wine at the destination facility

When the wine is received the facility can transfer the wine from the Tanker tank to the receival tank. It would be recommended for a copy of the original work order to be provided to the receiving winery or at least it’s work order number (located under the barcode and starting with TWL).

Note: If you are a USA VINx2 customer, assuming that the two wineries are far enough apart geographically that they have different bonds, you’ll also need to perform a “Change Batch” operation on the wine to move the wine into a new batch owned by the Owner linked to the destination winery’s bond.  This will ensure that the correct Transfer/Received in Bond entries appear on your 702 TTB report.

(The above note is no longer required for Version 4+ of VINx2.  All non-AP bonds are tracked by the physical location of the wine instead of the owner of the wine – You will just need to make sure your user account has permission to move wine between bonds).