How do I setup sulphur alarms / reminders?

By using the Saved Search and My Searches functions you can easily show an alert to remind you of all the wines where sulphur (or any other metric) hasn’t been tested for a specified number of days.

The first step to creating your alert is to open the Bulk Wine via Search – Advanced Searches – Bulk wine search.

This will bring up the Bulk wine search in collapsed mode. Click on More options to show the full expanded mode.

This new search function features many ways to filter and control the columns displayed for the found bulk wine. For more information on the general workings of the Bulk Wine search, click here.

Adding the FSO2 filter

You have the option to add more filters by clicking on the Add a filter button then selecting the filter you want to add.


In the example below, we have added the “Metric not tested on last x days” filter.


Now you need to select Free SO2 as the metric which hasn’t been tested and set the time period, in our example, the last 30 days:


Saving search filters in the Bulk wine search

You may save any of your search criteria by providing a name for your search in the Save search as field and then click on the Save button.


Your saved searches can also be saved to the My Searches dashlet by selecting your preferred saved search, and then click on the pin icon pin-icon.


Tip: You may use colour-coding to convey levels of warning. For example, you want to be visually alerted to the fact that more than 10 wines haven’t had their FSO2 checked for more than 30 days, then you can configure a visual alert range for the saved search under Winery Setup – Miscellaneous – Saved searches.

With this configured, if the range is met, your saved search will show up with the appropriate colour.

A guide to the colours are: