How to request, export and import lab jobs

To start with select some wines that you want to run through the lab via the Bulk wine search (Search – Advanced searches – Bulk wine search).

For general information on using the Bulk wine search, click here.
To select a wine simply click on its checkbox.


When you have the wine(s) selected that you want to run the analysis on click on the Actions button and select Lab work.


Select what you want analyzed or the template you want to use and make sure the Print labels box is unchecked if you do not want to print the labels.

Now if you jump into the lab console and pull up the lab requests you will see a CSV button along the bottom of the window.

Clicking on this generates a CSV file of the lab requests which can be opened in excel.

The left hand columns are for lab and lab reference fields.
The right hand fields are for lab results, all the ones with R are Required and the NR is Not Required.
Once you are done entering the results simply save it to somewhere you can find it.

When you are ready to import the results open up the lab console again and find the load from file section as pictured below.

When you have found the CSV you want to upload click on the Load from file button, this will automatically bring up the lab requests and fill them out for you.

Make sure the import format on the left is “VINx2 Standard” if you are manually entering results using Excel and the default CSV format

Double check the values to ensure they are correct, once you are sure you can either click Update All to save those results without confirming them, or click Confirm All to permanently save the results.

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  1. Hi Guys, and thx to Phillip the new guy for his help last time.

    Next question… What is the intention of “TRIAL BLEND” and once we make one how can we “commit” it or hence create it?? Or is that not the idea? Do we need to back out and use the “BLEND” option?

    Thanks again.

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