Using Accounting Integration With Xero

This guide assumes that the configuration stage is finished, to configure you accounting interface, see configuring your accounting interface.

This guide aims to show you how the integration between VINx2 and Xero will impact your General Ledger accounts.

Accounts and Additions.

VINx2 will track the costs moving from accounts when purchased. To begin we’ve purchased some sugar and have recorded a stock intake. Here’s the bill in Xero. Note that the account Additives will not show the change until the bill is approved. Purchase Order Xero We did a stock receival, and got our 10 kgs of sugar to add. Next we do an addition. Additive Op Once completed, to track the account movements, we open up the Journal Console and click ‘preview’. You should see the value leave the additive’s account and enter the wines.

Accounts and Packaging.
Now we will package the wine we just made an addition to. When the operation is completed we can go to the Journal Console and see the changes it has caused.packaging So we can see a lot of money left the bulk wine account and entered the asset account. This is the account movements done when we finished packaging. The value looks large for a Liter of wine, but the costs for it were very high.   Costing of 14BULKWPO

Accounts and Sales Orders.
Now we will sell our single bottle. Here’s what the Sales Order looks like in VINx2, then in Xero. Sales Order Xero Once we approve the sales order. we can see the Wine Sales account update with the sale. Doing a dispatch will update the sales order for us.Dispatch op And when we hit save, we will update the linked Sales Invoice with ‘approved’. The Wine Sales account now adds the sale value in its total. wine Sales

Accounts and the Journal Console.
The journal console is used to sync the account transfers that are not already handled in Xero (eg. Cost of goods). The cost of goods is created once a Bulk Dispatch is done. Pressing the ‘Preview’ Button now shows all the account transfers from our operations. When we press ‘Save and Sync’ it creates a Manual Journal in Xero. If the status ‘draft’ is selected the Manual Journal will not be finalised until it is posted. The ‘History’ tab in on the Journal Console links straight to the entry. Manual Journal Once we post the Manual Journal the Accounts will reflect the changes it created. Such as with the Cost of Goods account.   cost of goods

Purchase Orders.
You can create and manage purchase orders in your winery for dry goods and general goods with VINx2.
To create a new Purchase Order use the Inventory -> New PO option.

You can assign your own Purchase Order number or let VINx2 generate one for you by configuring and Auto Code policy under Winery Setup -> Work-flow -> Auto code.
Set a Vendor and any other optional information before adding the items you wish to purchase. There are two types:

  • Stock – these items link directly to inventory items that you track stock levels for within VINx2. Search by the inventory stock code. You’ll notice this will copy in any descriptive information as well as the current price.
  • General – these items are generic and won’t have an impact on your stock levels. Use this for anything you’d like; barrels, tanks etc.

Selecting Save and Print will give you a PDF that you can email off to your supplier.

You can manage your Purchase Orders under Winery Setup -> Procurement.

Upon receival of inventory stock under the Inventory -> Receive option you can now select a Purchase Order and this will automatically fill out any expected Stock item quantities for you. You also have the option to update the purchase order state to Fulfilled if all stock was received or Part-fulfilled if you’re awaiting more stock to arrive.

Accounting Package Integration

These Purchase Orders can be linked in real time with accounting packages such as Xero so that an accounts payable draft invoice is created as a placeholder for the actual invoice to arrive from the supplier. Please see this article on configuring Xero integration.
To do this. Click the sync Button on the Purchase Order.

If the sync was successful, you should have a link within the purchase order to jump to the Bill in you accounting package.

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