View TTB events of a completed operation in Finance/TTB tab (US)

This feature was added in vintrace Version 5.2.4

This feature allows you to view the details of the TTB events of a completed operation or stock action in the Finance/TTB tab.

Let’s take for example you have completed a multi transfer operation. View the completed operation by clicking on View link in History tab in Product Overview.

History tab

In the multi transfer operation screen, go to the Finance/TTB tab. You will be able to see all the TTB events of the operation under TTB Events table. The TTB Events table shows the details of the TTB events such as Date occurred, Bond, Tax Class, Target (batch or stock item), Tax change reason, and Volume change.

Finance-TTB tab of operation

You can also edit the Tax Volume Event details of any of the TTB events by clicking on the pencil icon beside the event and this will show you the Tax Volume Event [UPDATE] screen.

Note: You need to have the Can edit TTB Tax Volume Events user permission in order to edit the Tax Volume Event details. If you are making any changes to any TTB events that occurred in a closed off TTB period, you need the Can backdate into a closed off TTB702 period permission as well.

edit tax volume event

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