Version 5.1.1

Major new features

  • The new and improved Product overview. More details.
  • The new and improved Stock overview. More details.
  • Introducing the brand new Block overview. Record viticulture assessments, samples, upload spray records and more. More details.
  • Manage your subscription and licences. More details.
  • Import and export your own data. More details.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Recording an analysis on bottled stock is now much easier. More details.
  • Fixed report icons so they reflect the output supported i.e. PDF, CSV and Excel icons
  • Additive summary in Product Overview now shows units in separate column
  • Fixed cost not being applied where additive not being tracked in inventory was linked to a specific cost item
  • Fixed Bulk Wine by Owner Dashlet so that it shows Gallons in US instead of Litres
  • Fixed sorting of Journal details so that it is now in date/time order
  • Fixed issue where the Wine Production Loss report wasn’t inclusive of full days for the dates selected in the report criteria
  • Fixed costing detail display to include a reference the item acutally involved in the cost event. For example, the cost for the bottle as well as the stock code for the bottle involved in a bottling are displayed in distinct columns.
  • Corrected Invalid Field on Multiple additions custom work order template
  • Fixed stock receive history entry showing incorrect units i.e. pounds instead of kilograms
  • Fixed completing a scheduled Transfer to Barrel Group that would always default to Full transfer
  • Fixed some issues making buildings inactive
  • Additions on Product overview are now sorted
  • Fixed the Linked wine button not working on the Bill of Lading window in some circumstances
  • Updated Tasting Sheet header to say Wine Batch instead of Lot code for non-US customers
  • Fixed volume changes upon addition to a must that would cause an error message

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