Version 5.2.1

Major new features

Introducing our new brand – vintrace. More details.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the issue where users are unable to add items to billing price list.
  • Fixed the issue where creating sales order for stock items that are non-trackable causes an error.
  • Fixed the issue in rack and return operation where the operation cannot be completed if there is a loss on the transfer.
  • Fixed the issue in Search – Dispatch search where performing a rollback on a dispatch with multiple entries always rolls back the first entry.
  • Fixed the issue where an error message is displayed when one item is using another items lot number in stock dispatch.
  • Fixed the issue where correcting composition for an imported wine after costs has been adjusted gives an error.
  • Fixed the issue where reversing a stock dispatch with multiple line items for the same stock item gives an error.
  • Fixed the issue in disassemble operation where error is shown when item is not set.
  • Fixed Lab tab so that metrics with non-numeric value is displayed.
  • Added Owner filter on the cost allocation “From search” options.
  • Fixed the Compact View for Fruit/Parcels and Packaged Products in Product Search.
  • Fixed the issue in Tools – Billing – Wine Storage Charges where an error is shown when Report by batch owner option is selected.
  • Removed the ‘null’ text from the Bill of Lading (BOL) printout when generated from Product Overview.
  • Fixed the issue in Bill of Lading (BOL) printout where the date text overlaps with the Carrier label.
  • Fixed the Stock Level importer to look up the stock code instead of name.
  • Add a validation in Barrel Group to prevent users from adding a duplicate barrel in the barrel group and also add a warning message when the barrel group selected contains duplicate barrels when performing operations.
  • Fixed the issue where costing columns appear in Bulk stock CSV report even when Show costing not ticked.
  • Added validation in routing to prevent routing more stock than the expected amount.
  • Fixed the Group by Fruit Intake option in Group Fruit Placement Report Strip.
  • Changed the title of the sales order PDF printout to ‘Invoice’ for US and Canada locale settings.
  • Changed the Retail WET Tax report to be only visible in Australia and New Zealand locale settings.