Version 5.2.2

Major new features

None for this release.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bulk wine intake of pre-tiraged wine where vessel on transfer is marked as mandatory.
  • Fixed the incorrect calculation of stock cost/value on Inventory – Search – Reports – CSV (Excel).
  • Fixed the issue where Lab tab on Classic Product Overview is not showing results when first opened.
  • Fixed inline addition on rack and return operation to automatically copy the source batch to the destination batch.
  • Fixed the issue where clicking on Save and Email button in Fruit Booking causes double dialog problem and refresh.
  • Modified the Lab tab to show all live metrics by default.
  • Modified live metrics so that any analysis that measured a metric on a wine product will be rippled forward to the new revision of the wine product after a transfer or blend operation.
  • Fixed the issue where user is unable to correct bulk intake after adding costs.
  • Fixed Bins tab in Intake Details where the tab was not showing after resuming from scheduling.
  • Fixed the error when loading a bulk dispatch cellar note/work order that has multiple line items of the same stock item but one has no quantity entered.
  • Fixed the error when clicking on Winery Setup – Packaging – Packaging Containers.
  • Fixed the Bulk stock report to show the Product state.
  • Fixed the Barrel Search CSV report where it was showing asterisk in location field in when the barrel is part of a barrel group that has no Area set.
  • Modified Dip level importer to validate headers in the uploaded CSV.
  • Fixed the error in Detailed Charges Report when Order is selected but Party is not selected.
  • Fixed the issue in TTB report (US) where the value for Received in bond for Sparkling also shows up in Hard Cider column.
  • Fixed the wine icon in Barrel Group Search and Tank Search results to toggle to the wine details.
  • Added an edit pencil icon in Advanced tab in Block Overview.
  • Fixed the issue where billing charges are not correctly shown analysis templates are used.
  • Added Edit and Delete buttons for each individual task in Tasks tab of Product Overview and Stock Overview.
  • Added Manage AP Owners button in Address Book (for US only).
  • Fixed the error when importing barrel and updating the barrel category.
  • Fixed the error when generating a Bill of Lading (BOL) where quantity is 0.
  • Fixed the issue where inline addition with routable addition causes validation error on scheduling a transfer task.