Version 5.2.4

Major new features

None for this release.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Added Distributor sales type in sales orders.
  • Fixed the issue where Blend Transfer button in Trial Blend Console overrides the volume with capacity of destination tank.
  • Fixed the issue in Sales report where the first page generated is always empty.
  • Fixed the error upon viewing a scheduled stock receival where it has a Purchase Order attached and there are multiple line entries for the same stock item in the stock receival screen.
  • Fixed the issue where writing off fruit costs shows an error.
  • Added a Print – Scale Worksheet option in Fruit Intake Console.
  • Fixed the issue where Additions tab in Product Overview is very slow to load when the wine has many blends.
  • Fixed the rounding issue in packaging operation where it sometimes prevent users from completing the operation.
  • Fixed the issue where user is unable to login to the vintrace application in the PistolGrip within the grace period of the license expiry.
  • Added a currency indicator and changed the precision to 2 decimal places to the totals and subtotals in Stock cost detail report.
  • Fixed the issue where full barrels are showing in ullaged search results.
  • Fixed the issue where the days in ferment in Ferment Spreadsheet  is not restored after an operation which causes the ferment state change is rolled back.
  • Fixed the issue where the barrel’s winery building is not correctly set when in Fixed Barrel Coords mode.
  • Updated the split button menus to show the default option in the dropdown.
  • Fixed the issue where the error description shows ‘1’ when importing an organisation having a primary contact that has an incorrect format.
  • Fixed the issue where a completed cost allocation using the volume days apportion type shows the wrong Period start date.
  • Fixed the issue where the Recalc Totals button in Sales Order does not work in some instances.
  • Fixed Add cost button in packaging operation to always add the cost to the packaged stock item.
  • Fixed the error in tasks tab for owner logins.
  • Fixed the performance issues in Product Overview.
  • Updated the warning message when vintrace license is about to expire.
  • Fixed the issue where topping declared wine into non-declared wine shows TTB declared/non-declared blending restrictions.
  • Fixed the issue where route validation on packaging in using IMPERIAL_US metric scheme causes problems during bottling.
  • Fixed the following issues in the bulk wine importer:
    – Bulk wine importer only picks up the abbreviation for the additive rate unit.
    – Error when importing bulk wine with different composition methods.
    – Costs are added for each tank and barrel group when uploading wines that are in   both barrels and tanks.
    – Downloading errors does not save the selection in suggested fixes.
    Incorrect column header for “Tiraged Date”.
  • Updated barrel scanner application to allow jobs to be suspended/resumed when not in sync mode.
  • Fixed the issue where barrels that require YearYY cannot be added on the barrel scanner.
  • Added an option the cellar note (work order) to print reversed tasks.
  • Added a new print option in Fruit Intake Console for printing large scale booking/weighbridge booking.
  • Fixed the rollback and replay issue with barrel restoration where the capacity of the barrel is not updated.
  • Fixed the error on viewing a measure operation.
  • Fixed the issue where scheduling a crush note using the cruhs press load workflow doesn’t auto populate the cellar note (work order).
  • Fixed the following issues on the block importer:
    – When the Block has not been entered, the message ‘Mandatory Field Missing (Field: region)’ is displayed.
    – When the fruit intake auto-code policy requires region to be selected, and there is no region provided in the imported file, incorrect error message is displayed.
    – The importer does not ignore blank lines in the file.
  • Fixed the precision issue that causes an error message when replaying a topping job.
  • Fixed the issue where Item field on the TTB Console only allows to search for bulk stock items.
  • Fixed the Inactive filter on Trial Blend Console.
    Fixed the error when creating a sales order where the Sales Order number is already existing.
  • Fixed the issue with saving search filters on the Fruit Intake Console.
  • Fixed the the from address in the license details that are sent through the message gateway service the from address to be set to the from address of the customer.
  • Fixed the issue where route validation on packaging in IMPERIAL_US causes problems at bottling.
  • Fixed the issue where historic TTB events that were recorded prior to update, but with tax class converted as part of update (such as concentrate) could end up with some extra details in PART I on the TTB report.
  • Fixed the issue where calculation of fruit used for wine production was incorrect in PART IV of the TTB report.
  • Fixed the issue where unable to import any blocks using the block importer.
  • Tiraged wine being moved in tirage admin includes TTB bond changes for reconfigure and split.
  • Updated Equipment usage report to print the batch that the wine component was in at the time and to print Ex. vessel for barrels.
  • Fixed the issue where editing replayed work from cellar note writer does not allow users to schedule.
  • Fixed the issue where recalculation of invalid additions uses a more accurate precision by default.
  • Fixed the issue where the fill count on barrel is not updating on a multi transfer many to one operation.
  • Updated the “Generated by” fields in jasper reports to show vintrace brand and updated vintrace website.
  • Fixed the issue where deleting a list of purchase orders shows error.
  • Fixed the issue where grower/vineyard being mandatory in some cases on bulk import.
  • Added validation that grower contracts are only available to users with “Can view costs” permission.
  • Fixed the issue where winery is not being set against the batch in bulk wine importer under multi-winery mode.
  • Weighmaster on the delivery screen can now be made mandatory under Winery setup – Workflow – Defaults – Require weighmaster.
  • Fixed the error when creating barrel groups and going back to edit it in the bulk intake operation screen.
  • Fixed the error on adding duplicate usernames.
  • “702” references are replaced with “TTB report”.
  • Fixed the rate of add token in the cellar note (work order) word template.
  • Fixed the error on barrel search (when sorting by things like cooper).
  • Fixed the error in packaging operation for a full transfer without the Out (L) field being set.
  • Added support for scheduled actions to allow trigger of JavaScript event hooks automatically based on date/time [sysadmin only feature]: Winery Setup – API – Scheduled actions.
  • Fixed the issue where packaging cannot be added to work order if there is a non-trackable stock in the Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Fixed the issue where Stock Dispatch History report shows the volume in Litres for Imperial US metric.
  • Updated the error message to be more user friendly when you have a barrel that is part of a barrel group on the destination side of a multi topping operation.
  • Fixed the issue where you cannot backdate a declaration into a closed off TTB period using the Declaration Console.
  • Fixed the issue where opening a sales orders with a lot of items takes a long time.
  • Xero’s global tax rates are now available for countries Xero does not have specific tax rates for.
  • Restricted access to Account configuration based on “Can view costs” permission.
  • Added support for grams per gallons and millilitres per hectolitre on additions.
  • “Hide barrel codes” option can now be set as default.
  • Fixed the error upon completing a Packaging run operation from Product Overview.
  • Fixed the issue in intake correction where it throws an error when the new weight is less than the uncrushed amount.
  • Changed the colour of the tabs when notes or documents are attached.
  • Fixed the issue in Barrel hosting console where it doesn’t auto calculate the totals after clicking on Determine charges button.