Version 6.1.1

Major new features

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issues for multi winery mode:
    – User not having permission to switch winery facilities should only able to see the products, stock items, and vessels that belong to their current winery when viewing saved searches.
    – Fixed the quantities in Stock Item Overview to only show the quantities and distribution for the user’s current winery.
    – Added winery filter to Trial blend console.
    – Historic search should take into consideration the user’s current winery when in multi winery mode.
  • Fixed the issue where System User without local vintrace admin permission can change their Default Winery.
  • Added a checkbox in the Bill of Lading (BOL) form to show inactive additions.
  • Require users who are not local vintrace admin to have “Can change winery defaults” permission to change winery defaults.
  • Restrict access to Cost Allocation Console to users with “Can adjust costs” permission.
  • Fixed the issue where mandatory field missing appears when correcting a packaging operation.
  • Fixed the issue where Expected delivery date is copied when you use the Copy feature on a Purchase Order.
  • Fixed the parcel/batch search on the Extraction operation to be able to search for bookings without a block and be able to search for the block code.
  • Allow neutral condensates to be searchable from quick search, product search, and product overview search.
  • Fixed the issue where the volume of barrels in a barrel group is not updated in the scheduled task after the barrel group’s volume has been changed due to previous operation.
  • Removed the double refresh on bulk dispatch with BOL (Bill of Lading) and client billing.
  • Fixed the issue where the designated variety and region (sub AVA) in the product importer are not imported successfully.
  • Fixed the issue where the MS Word format of the work order (cellar note) ignores the Print reversed checkbox in the edit work order screen.
  • Fixed the inconsistent decimal precision on wine charges issue.
  • Fixed the issue where the Excise journal (NZ) is debiting/crediting the wrong  account on account sync.
  • Fixed the issue where File – New batch shows error message if using autocode to create a new batch.
  • Fixed the issue where work template is not saved when creating it from a work order with a custom template set.
  • Fixed the error upon fruit intake correction.
  • Fixed the issue where break barrels occasionally throws an error.
  • New page orientation option “Default printed Work order orientation ” in Winery Settings – Work-flow – Defaults for MS Word printed work order (cellar note) templates.
  • Label for “$ / gallon” option for cost items is now based on regional setting.
  • Updated the “list” question on creating work template with multi transfers.
  • Fixed the issue where entering a duplicate subject for general appointment on job calendar shows error.
  • Fixed the issue where entering alcohol reading that would change the tax class from the vintrace mobile application throws an error.
  • Fixed the error when printing an MS Word template that included an analysis that does not have a container.
  • Updated the accounts missing external reference error message to show the account list after the explanatory text.
  • Added print and delete options for work orders (cellar notes) in job calendar.
  • Added print options for fruit bookings in harvest calendar.