Version 6.1.2

Major new features

  • None  for this release

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Allow users to switch between related units on a multi additions operation and on inline additions.
  • Backdated additions will now trigger a recalculation of all the additions for all the impacted wine.
  • Import wizard will now show a warning dialog if the imported file contains more than 1000 rows.
  • Faster completion and viewing of a barrel treatment operation with thousands of barrels.
  • Faster loading of the barrel configuration for a barrel group with hundreds of barrels.
  • Added a “Many to many” default work template.
  • Added batch description to default custom print template of multi additions.
  • Updated the mandatory field missing error messages on operations to show the tab name where the mandatory field missing occurs.
  • Fixed the issue where error is displayed when using a work template and no data provided for non-mandatory fields.
  • Fixed the issue where an empty metric list crashes the iOS application.
  • Fixed the issue where merging barrel groups together shows error.
  • Updated the “Include wine stock” label for Stock dispatch report to “Only show wine stock”
  • Fixed the issue where clearing the max results field on Quick Search dialog shows  an error.
  • Fixed the issue where assigned by is not set when creating a cellar note (work order).
  • Fixed the issue where inline additions cannot be removed.
  • Fixed the issue where additions made to a trial blend do not show up on the trial blend worksheet.
  • Fixed the issue where rate of add is not displaying on custom print templates.
  • Fixed the issue where the vineyard label is no longer set after selecting a block after booking.
  • Fixed the issue where error is displayed upon clicking on the outstanding tasks dashlet where the task id does not match with the task name.
  • Fixed the issue where users are unable to perform a press cycle operation from a barrel group.
  • Fixed the issue where the TTB report shows the Uncrushed value in kilograms instead of pounds when using metric scheme.
  • Fixed the issue where error is shown when opening a cellar note (work order) for a multi addition where the override volume is blank.
  • Fixed the issue where backdating a stock adjustment is not showing the correct values in the History tab.
  • Fixed the issue where error is shown upon trying to complete an extraction operation where For juice only checkbox (US only)  is ticked but there is no Juice tax class defined.
  • Fixed the issue where the committed stock value is not calculating in the correct unit when there is no route set.
  • Updated the autocomplete for the booking field in the work template to only show the bookings for the default vintage.
  • Fixed the Cost report to show the cost event history table.
  • Fixed the issue where the additive unit is showing “Units” when additive template is used.
  • Added the following columns to the Barrel storage report: Moved to storage area, Deactivated/Reactivated, Current storage area, and Current building.
  • Fixed the issue where the “Assigned to” is not automatically set when creating a cellar note (work order).
  • Added inactive filters to all items that can be made inactive in Winery Setup.
  • Fixed the issue where enterprise upgrade screen directs to rather than