Version 6.1.4

Major new features

  • The new vintrace IOS App. More details. After downloading the App you’ll need your username, password and Client code (or API URL if you are not cloud hosted). This information can be found under Help -> About in the desktop version of vintrace. Contact us if you need help.
  • Major performance improvements and server upgrades

Please also see the release notes to Version 6.1.1, Version 6.1.2 and Version 6.1.3

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the error in generating the TTB report (US only) when there are sugar movements that should appear in PART IV and the sugar is not lot tracked.
  • New links to Quick start tour and other resources upon login for new users and for new releases.
  • Fixed the Lab id field in Lab Console to fire search upon hitting on [ENTER] key.
  • Fixed the printed work order (cellar note) to show the value of Issued Time field when printed from a work order (cellar note) template.
  • Fixed this issue where clicking on the TWL# in the job calendar brings up a different work order (cellar note).
  • Display vessel in summary for Tasting Notes in Scheduled Task Worklist.
  • Filter out the Xero Inventory accounts in the list of Xero accounts that can be linked.
  • Fixed the issues in bulk wine importer and block importer where it would not correctly detect the block for blocks that have the same name but different grower/vineyard.
  • Fixed the issue where the TTB Breakdown report (US only) does not show non-tax movements for bottled breakdown for manufacturing and disassemble operations.
  • Fixed the issue where user without permission to switch wineries is able to bypass the winery filter in Scheduled Task Worklist.
  • Fixed the issue where “Copy dips from tank” search doesn’t search text entered in the tank create/update screen.