Version 6.4.1

Major new features

  • vintrace now integrates with Vend for Point of Sale (POS). More details.
  • New feature for handling Refunds and returns of stock. More details.
  • New vintrace API for third parties to be able to integrate to vintrace (eCommerce, POS, Wine Club and Accounting). More details.
  • New cloud print service for lab labels. More details.

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the null text appearing in dispatch work order if no address specified at scheduling.
  • Fixed the issue where the Reference field is not passed through to the BOL (Bill of Lading) when sales order is specified in the dispatch.
  • Fixed the issue where inline additions are recalculating overwritten amount additions upon clicking on Ok button.
  • Fixed the issue where work order status stays as Draft/Ready when all tasks are completed and Cancel is clicked in the edit work order screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the stock distribution amounts are changing when clicking on line items in the Distribution tab in Stock Overview.
  • Fixed the Create/Edit Work order template screen to turn the mandatory fields pink if there is no data entered.
  • Fixed the issue where the list of barrels are not appearing on the Barrel BOL (Bill of Lading).
  • Fixed the issue where additions made on Additions tab on extraction that has multiple parcels don’t get calculated correctly in Additions summary report.
  • Added Ïnclude costs option to Inventory Summary report and Stock movement report.
  • Auto-code incrementer is made mandatory in the auto-code policies.
  • Fixed the issue where error is shown when opening a work order in in two tabs in view mode, start editing a task on one tab, then delete the task on another and then try to save the editing task in the first tab.
  • Fixed the issue where error is shown when trying to click on any of the operations buttons from classic product search screen for a historic wine.
  • Fixed the issue where the winery filter gets reset in the Job management console.
  • Fixed the inconsistent rounding issue in the sales order total.
  • Fixed the performance issue in the stocktake screen where changing the date and saving a stocktake is taking a long time.
  • Included calculated metrics in eBOL output.
  • Added filter to WET report (AU only) to run report just for PAID sales orders.
  • Fixed the issue where multi-addition printed work orders do not list barrels if a barrel group is the last line item
  • A new permission is added to allow users to access Grower Contract Console – “Can manage grower contract”.
  • Fixed the error on clicking Sort by Completed date (New to Old) in the Classic Scheduled Tasks.
  • Fixed the error on saving a change batch operation where the owner is not entered.
  • Fixed the issue where committed stock is located at the Default Dispatch area rather than the Default Storage area.
  • Fixed the issue where calculating the label alcohol shows a weird character in the Alcohol field in the stock item overview.
  • Fixed the issue where entering a Price Bracket in the Advanced section of the item on the Price List and using it on the Sales Order does not take the Price Bracket.
  • Fixed the issue where transfer of a barrel into a existing barrel group causes discrepancies on transaction/activity reports.
  • Fixed the error on clicking Scheduling as task and there are conflicts in equipment schedule.
  • Correcting the fruit intake details will now re-generate the grape’s name.
  • Stock search is now sorted alphabetically by building and location when you Sort by Area.
  • Fixed the issue where updating the PO price does not update the re-order price on the stock item.
  • Cloud print printer’s list now shows the printer name in addition to the description.