Version 6.4.2

Major new features

None for this release

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • You can now edit a measured metric from Product Overview – Lab tab by clicking on the Edit button. This is only applicable for recent analysis done.
  • Fixed the issue where the capacity in barrel autocode is returning in litres instead of gallons.
  • Fixed the issue where creating a work order from bulk wine search sets all jobs as Job#0.
  • Fixed the issue where contact/individual importer imports duplicates.
  • Added a configurable revenue account to the pricelist.
  • Fixed the barrel treatment issue where the work order disappears when attempting to schedule work order from search.
  • Fixed the issue where creating a blend job for Trial Blend uses full barrel group volume.
  • Fixed the issue where correcting price on a purchase order for stock items causes stock movement report to report incorrect numbers.
  • Fixed the issue where additive targeting doesn’t work with temporary/tweaking of additive templates.
  • Fixed the issue where Cost allocation upload does not match the batch/lot codes properly.
  • Fixed the error on scheduling a disassemble.
  • Fixed the error on completing a receive stock operation.