Version 7.1.2

Major new features

  • None for this release

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

The following issues have been fixed:

  • The move barrel group operation was not updating the winery on the batch
  • Fruit bookings could not be made inactive after fruit received had been reversed
  • The barrel count was incorrect for a topping in the per barrel client billing charges
  • Setting inventory actions were causing costing calculation errors when both jobs were recorded at exactly the same time
  • The dispatch receipt was not printing the task notes when the notes did not fit into the page
  • Errors occurred when correcting a fruit intake and clearing the Booking field
  • The WET tax for refunds for staff sales were incorrect in the WET report
  • The description on the Sales tab of a stock item could not be updated
  • An error occurred when deleting a job that had a file uploaded against it
  • The Fix Date option on a multi addition with the increase volume option was not updating the date of the measurement operation
  • Errors were occurring when directly replacing a line item in the Sales Price List with a new item without any sales item attached
  • Clicking anywhere near the Juice only in the Extraction Operation screen was selecting the field
  • Rollback was failing due to a missing ferment object
  • An error was occurring when syncing a purchase order with no price to Xero
  • The cost was being doubled in the Inventory Summary report when a route with the same location was split up across two amounts
  • Completing a replay operation with a loss did not allow you to continue
  • The Now and Now+Save buttons were calculating the incorrect stock levels on stock adjustment

Other improvements:

  • Two new columns, Quantity and Amount, have been added for stock items on the Sales Summary report
  • The Vend refund/resale workflow has been updated so that refunds can now be created for unapproved Vend sales

Previous releases for version 7

Version 7.1.1