Version 7.4.1

Major new features

Other significant enhancements

None for this release

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the issue where the Sales Summary report was showing L in the units for bulk wine even if it’s in imperial mode.
  • Fixed the issue where work orders from the mobile app when receiving barrel group data is not searching for matching barrels without the A00 prefix.
  • The lab request date is now available on custom lab labels.
  • Fixed the issue where adding inactive barrels to the barrel group causes the barrel count in the barrel group to be incorrect.
  • Fixed the issue where costs were not rolling through on dispatches recorded at the same time.
  • Fixed the issue where one to many and many to one transfers were not prompting for pre-operation losses.
  • Fixed the issue where stopping ferments would sometimes cause errors prompting missing ferment objects.
  • Vintage options are now sorted with the most recent vintage first.
  • Completed purchase orders are now filtered out by default.
  • Fixed the issue where multiple samples sets causes block overview to return no lab results.
  • Fixed the issue where resuming a suspended delivery would start recording a new load, rather than updating the suspended one.
  • More block properties (such as organic) are available on custom scale bookings.

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