Version 8.1.2

Major new features

Other significant enhancements

Additional fixes and improvements

  • Fixed the issue with bins with negative and positive Common Tare that cancel each other not calculating properly on Fruit Intake.
  • Fixed the issue where, on some devices, the Save button couldn’t be clicked when in big fruit intake console mode.
  • Fixed the issue where the Sample Day Sheet (PDF) incorrectly groups varieties if you don’t enter a block.
  • Added search by Harvester option in Harvest Calendar.
  • Fixed the issue where Scale Bookings were breaking to a second page before it was necessary.
  • Fixed the issue for ferments missing from Ferment Spreadsheet Generator when Include Ferments with no Analysis checkbox is selected.
  • Fixed the issue where one to many replay work order hangs on to original losses.
  • Fixed the issue where Tax Class labels entered in wrong section on TTB Report.
  • Fixed the filters in Winery Setup > Accounts.
  • Changed Government Reference label to SWNZ Code in the Block Overview on the Vineyard tab for NZ customers.
  • Winery default setting changes are now included in the User transaction Audit Report.
  • Fixed the issue where Bulk Dispatch (multi line) clears the barrel group selection on clicking Add line.
  • Fixed the issue where TWL search on scheduling job shows summary instead of TWL#.
  • Fixed the issue where the Search icon in Standard notes in work order is showing as a white icon.
  • Fixed the issue where the Grape delivery report (PDF) date format in the header is not regional.
  • Fixed the issue where batch search on Costs Admin shows description instead of code.

Previous releases for version 8