Version 8.1.5

Fixes and improvements

  • Varietal can now be made inactive.
  • Fixed the issue where the multi additions screen does not fit into the smallest resolution we support.
  • Fixed the issue where an error is displayed when a work order template is created from a transfer that has Ownership selected.
  • Added support for text based analysis values in the Transaction API.
  • Fixed the issue where Grape Delivery Report – Contract Amount label shows T  but column value shows it in pounds.
  • Fixed the issue where the bin list in extraction screen is not updating after a fruit intake correction.
  • Fixed the error on viewing the Operator review dialog for a barrel group whose barrels are scanned from the app but the barrel group has been emptied in a previous operation.
  • Fixed the issue where the goods received receipt for a Stock Receival is showing the same bond number multiple times.
  • Changed the Reorder code and Their code labels to Vendor code.
  • Changed the Delivered field label in purchase orders to Fulfilled and made it read only for purchase types that are auto fulfilled.
  • Fixed the issue where the Product overview > Reports > Status report breaks for dispatched products.
  • The Dispatch number field label in Dispatch Search has been changed to BOL #.
  • Changed Management (bulk wine) to Bulk wine under reports.
  • Added a tooltip to Asset account in purchase order.

vintrace Beta

Major new features

  • Improved tank map

Fixes and improvements

  • Filtering on multiple metrics on the vessels page is much faster

Previous releases for version 8